Services to restaurant owners

Offer your clients a unique experience,

by suggesting them a wine that they won’t find anywhere else.

A culinary experience is not complete without wine. The IVSP team works with various industry players to give restaurant owners unique opportunities and exceptional quality. IVSP simplifies the import process and guarantees competitive prices.

Working in close collaboration with you, our team will present a wine repertoire that will suite the preferences of your clients. Rare, fine, affordable wines and rare vintages, our expertise and network allow you to obtain the products that surpass the highest standards.

Why trust IVSP to develop your wine list?

Because we also want to provide a diversified and increasingly demanding clientele with unique and enriching experiences. A clientele which, like you and I, is happy to discover new products and enjoy good wine with good food.


IVSP’s sommelier is at your service

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Have a restaurant in Quebec?

Here’s what IVSP has to offer:

  • A special selection with competitive prices
  • A wide selection of accessible, rare and specialized products
  • Exclusivity on your territory
  • More than just good wines; products that exceed our team’s high-quality standards and that have a story to tell.

Food and wine pairings that cannot be reproduced at home is the experience that your clients are seeking. 

IVSP makes it possible!