Chile is very must appreciated by travellers for its numerous tourist attractions. Over the years, it has also managed to surprise many with the growing quality of its wine products. With more than a dozen wine producing regions, unique terroirs and very affordable prices, Chile is now a must-see destination for all wine lovers.

In Chile, wine production and export have rapidly evolved over the last few years. IVSP is proud to offer distinct quality Chilean products in collaboration with renowned winemakers.

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Etablie au coeur de la vallée de Maule, la Maison Terra Noble poursuit avec succès depuis 20 ans une minutieuse recherche de l’association cépage-terroir avec le carmenere comme tête-d’affiche. Mû par les principes du développement durable, le domaine compte 450 Ha de terroirs diversifiés répartis entre les vallées de Colchagua, Casablanca et Maule.

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