Who are we

Dominique Gagné

Founding partner

The son of a grassroots baker (yeasts bear no secret to him !!) and a self-proclaimed foodie, Dominique has matched his accomplished cooking skills with an incurable wine fever caught over twenty years ago . Building upon a fine military career as a health care specialist, Dominique launched his own management consultancy firm in 2004 then decided in 2009 to put his efforts squarely behind IVSP tapping at the experience of a sister wine importation agency. Discipline, knowledge and passion thus blended in and paved the way towards the promotion of the noble beverage.

With strong managerial skills and polished leader qualities developped during his military career, Dominique rapidly acquired, as a self-made entrepreneur, a reputation for skillfull communications and for a personable approach to forging and sustaining solid relationships. These are the pillar qualities that he now puts at the service of the producers that have joined IVSP’s portfolio and that can testify of Dominique’s determination and energy.


The IVSP Team

Four partners, all sharing in our passion for wine and the promotion of our producers, joined forces with IVSP in 2018.  Well established business leaders, they have built a vast network of contacts able to boost the promotion of our selection of products.

Réjean Roy


From a modest carpenter tradesman, this native of the picturesque region of Lake Megantic, created a highly succesfull building-contractor enterprise that for the past 30 years has acquired both a remarkable reputation in the region and an enviable trademark name within the industry. Passionate and quick on the uptake for new challenges, Réjean has recently partnered in a new four star rated hotel in Venise-en Québec and thus added a restaurant, a golf course and a spa to that portfolio. Never shy for discoveries, he strives in sharing his passion and experiences for wine and travels with his family, friends, clients and partners. IVSP has clearly benefited from his contagious enthusiasm and his quest for quality and refinement.

Luc St-Cyr


Born in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Luc has, for the past 25 years, earned remarkable credentials in the field of building construction and renovation in the region. Ever energetic, professional and gifted with an engaging personality, Luc is a natural when it comes to team-building. His initial interest for wine quickly turned into a passion fueled by a quest for off the beaten path products quickly shared with tasting clubs partners. An ever energetic worker, respected for his amability, Luc has put ISVP in a highly enviable position thanks to his wide and diversified business network.

Sylvie Corbeil and Mario Roy


Newly retired, Sylvie and Mario joined IVSP in 2018 after closely following the agency’s development for a couple of years. Born in Chapais, Mario’s passion for wine was instilled in the Black Forest and Alsace while he was serving with the Armed Forces. With a military career that spans 20 years and another 20 heading his home and office renovation company, he brings a balanced amount of discipline and energy to the team. With roots in Gatineau, Sylvie succumbed to her partner’s contagious passion and is since absorbed in her quest for wine knowledge. A trained accountant-technician with thirty years as financial comptroller in private sector culminating with fifteen years as a business certification and fiscal officer in a large management-consultant firm, Sylvie is armed with a solid dose of level-headedness and meticulousness. Both Sylvie and Mario love to explore all of France’s vineyards but have kept a soft spot for Alsace, Champagne and Bordeaux. Beyond their common wine passion, they add considerable business and finance experience to the team.


Richard Milot

Consultant Sommelier

Richard’s passion for wine goes back to nearly four decades. Now retired from the Armed Forces he has transitioned from professional soldier to wine professional in 2014 and completed that year the London based Wine and Spirits Education Trust Award Level (honours), followed by the Washington based Wine and Spirits Guild French Wine Scholar program (Highest honours) in 2016 and recently the Guild’s Alsace Master Level (Highest honours). These internationally recognized qualifications strengthened his Sommelier certification obtained in 2008 at Algonquin College in Ottawa. (Best sommelier Award)

Yet, what matters is ‘’boots on the ground’’. Richard was most fortunate to serve for over fifteen years in Europe and in South-Africa. This unique proximity to some venerable terroirs allowed him to fuel his passion, to roam throughout vineyards in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and South-Africa and to acquire a profound respect for the wine trades and those that live by them.

Richard’s exposure to winemaking, vineyard management, and wine business was shaped and mentored in Alsace thanks to a long and rewarding friendship with one of its oldest wine producing families. In 2003, he was invited to join the Confrérie St-Etienne d’Alsace, one of France’s most venerable wine brotherhoods and since 2005 he is a proud Master of that Order.

Richard remains a humble student of wine. Dedicated to sharing his passion, he has joined forces with IVSP in 2015 and he is also working towards becoming a fully certified wine educator.